Couples Therapy

Relationships can be incredibly meaningful and satisfying.  Sharing your life with someone provides a sense of fulfillment, safety and joy, but it is also fraught with challenges.  This is only natural.

Love, trust and intimacy stir our deepest emotions.  They are the areas where we typically need the most reassurance.  But sometimes, this kind of reassurance might be hard to ask for and it might be even harder to give.
The skills required to navigate this difficult terrain do not always come naturally.  Sometimes we need help to identify negative patterns within the relationship, take responsibility for our part and work together with our partners to create positive change, while maintaining a healthy sense of our own individuality within the relationship.  

I can help you and your partner to:

  • Deepen your connection
  • Explore your sexuality to create more intimacy
  • Find better ways to express your wants and needs
  • Talk about difficult feelings in a safe environment
  • Resolve conflict
  • Strengthen feelings of safety and trust within the relationship
  • Find support during life transitions, such as marriage or parenthood
  • Create an amicable separation
  • Co-parent or blend families
  • Maintain a sense of individuality within the relationship
  • Find more joy and happiness in your relationship