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Parenting Workshop



My parenting workshop is aimed at helping parents feel more resourced and confident about how they relate with themselves and their children.  Parenting can be incredibly fulfilling and meaningful, but it can also be harder than we ever imagined.  As parents, we need to feel supported and encouraged so we can increase our sense of well-being and pass that on to our children. 

I am pleased to announce that I will be working in conjunction with Parents Place in San Francisco to offer a workshop entitled:

Parenting with Compassion

This workshop is about taking care of Mom and Dad.  It's about understanding that one of the most effective ways to raise a happy and healthy child is to offer them positive emotional connection.  For most parents, this isn't always easy.  Developing self-compassion can help. 

Learn how to become better equipped at handling life's difficult moments. Develop new skills that will help you to:

  • Make wise choices
  • Repair and re-connect with your child
  • Become a positive role model  
  • Create more availability for love, laughter and play  


This workshop will consist of a combination of lecture and guided mindfulness practices.  Please check the Parents Place website for the dates and times of my upcoming workshops.


*Open to parents with children of all ages* 
Located at Parents Place
1710 Scott St., San Francisco, CA 94115